You are viewing the first ever PS360! now this is the only PS360 that has been made. I have not seen this any other place but this iste, which I made. So therefore, I made the PS360! It was hard, and I did it right after the Wii64 which is in mods Gallery. and the col thing is the PS 360 is 100% working! Here is a step by step process when building the PS360 with my added notes....

PhotobucketThis here is the beginning of the entire process, I had them both, the case, and the PS3. At that moment, I was figuring how it would all fit, but it did not come out exactly what I planned. I wanted the disc drive to go where the ps3 disc drive was, but the Heatsink was a little big, so I had to custom make a slot. 
PhotobucketNow here U was figuring what was to be done, I has to cut holes, and slots to make them all work! I have my hank shown in the faceplate cut out. 
PhotobucketThis is what it looked like with the bottom heatsink, and the motherboard inside the PS3. for some reason it was the perfect fit! it could not have been any better! I made it all work but ;ots of cutouts, and many many sharp edges on the motherboard, which cut me about 4 times, but I recovers the next week when I did the final touches. 
Photobucketthis is another view to show how tightly compacted the mother board was! no room to spare, which caused me to move the HDD cable onto the outside of the case. 
Photobucketthis is where I figured out that the disc drive would not work on the other side, I was so close to stoping, I did not thing anything would work. I have a 75% chance that I was goign to stop, but becasue I ruinded the PS3 case, and has the xbox 360 open might as well follow throgh with this mod. you can see some of the tools I used on the sides too.
Photobucketat a different angle. And the fron power plate was makngme mad, because it was not fitting, and shifted the xbox 360 motherboard backwards and I was getting frustrated with it. Look at the HDD on the side how the cable was fed outside to make things work. 
PhotobucketNow I was getting smrt, figured how to make hings work. I got the two fans out, and going into place. I also through in the computer lights, I blew out the Cathode madual the first time, so I took the one from my computer case to fix the broblem. You can still see all my tools arround everything. Then as seen in the back, the stolk fan was making me very very mad! I was so close from stopping, it was clicking aginst the motherboard, and there was no way of fixing it, so I actually cut the tips of the fan blade, and it worked! no more clicking agains anything! so I moved on from there.
PhotobucketNow I was so close to finishing, it was about 12:30 AM right then and was getting late, I had it all in place, I needed buttons, and some small things. Just secure it all, and I was done! getting fun then! 
Photobucket Now, I was just attatching the wires, and I would have fan power permanently! Never done before!
PhotobucketHere is the time that was finished!  sone at 1:15 AM. I was very tired that I was not thinking at all. I just fell asleed right after this picture, and Job complete! here is the ending result below!
Photobucket The console closed!
Photobucket the side with a USB port, but it does not work, it was too hard to make working.
Photobucket Back with ports and so on. 
Photobucket Front drive shoing my xbox 360 disc drive front.
Photobucket the end of everything, the look of all the guts inside!
Photobucket Powered on, and ready to go!
PhotobucketPlaying my cames now, jsut to show what it was like from another angle.
PhotobucketJust so you know how to use the PS360 just in case you forgot what goes to what. and FINISHED! ebay link was be updated soon! and a video as well!