This custom controller will have both the Light mod and the Rapid Fire mod included.
Mods installed
Rapid Fire Mod
Middle X Light Color
Ring of Light Color
4 Custom Lights for Ring?
Please give us the 4 colors.
(Choose 1 color for each player)
US Priority Shipping $4.95

We can provide you with the most unique controllers you will not be able to find anywhere else. Our exclusive customized controllers can give you a great advantage. Weather the advantage would be in looks or gameplay, our Mods are the most reliable for you.

We guarantee that every product we sell is fully functional. We go through a series of test to ensure that your controller will not have any future errors or problems. There is a 30 day exchange policy against any nonworking controllers and a 6 month warranty against defects.

This controller has many options available for you to choose. There are optional lights you can add to your controller. You are able to personalize your controller with your favorite light colors! You will also have the option to add the unique Rapid Fire mod to your controller with 3 different Rapid fire Mods to choose from. See more details below.
What is Rapid Fire? You might not be familiar with what the Rapid Fire Mod is. Rapid Fire is a special modification to the xbox 360 controller that allows you to shoot your weapons quicker. If you use a semi-automatic on games such as Call of Duty or Gears of War, you will notice it is hard to physically shoot fast. With our advanced Rapid Fire Micro chips, we were able to make a semi-automatic gun shoot even quicker! It can be as easy as pressing a button, or pressing your sync button.

We have created a few Rapid Fire Mods. The First Mod we have available is the Original Dual Rapid Fire. This Rapid fire is very quick and easy to use. This mod will add two buttons to the bottom of the controller. (Not pictured) These two buttons will act as another trigger, but a Rapid Fire trigger. This Mod will give you Rapid Fire for both the Left and Right Trigger. View the Dual Rapid Fire video to the right.

The next Rapid Fire mod available is our 3 Mode Rapid Fire. This type of Rapid Fire is more complex, and is also the preferred Rapid Fire mod. This mod has 3 different Rapid FIre modes and the Rapid Fire can be turned off. Changing modes is as easy as pressing the sync button. Your mode selection will be displayed in the 4th player light. Our controllers still utilize the stock Rt or LT as the fire button. View the 3 mode videos to the right.

Mode Selections
Dual Rapid Fire 3 Mode Rapid Fire 3 Mode Rapid Fire
Want your controller to stand out? We are able to make your controller one of a kind! Most of our controllers also include a Light change or modification. The lights we are able to provide you with is the Ring of light, the Middle X button, and all 4 of the X, Y, A, B buttons. This is a rare offer that can't be found anywhere else!

To personalize your own controller, you have the option to choose your lights! With our wide selection of lights available, there is a color for you. You will be able to choose lights for the Ring of Light and the middle X. The X, Y, A, B buttons will also have lights in them that light up their color. Here is our color options listed below. . .

Colors for the Middle X Colors for the Ring of light
Blue Blue
Green Green
Red Red
Yellow Yellow
Orange Orange
Pink Pink
Light Green White
Mult-Colored (Flashing) Purple (Ultra Violet)

Note: If you purchase the 3 mode rapid fire, the 4th player is the mode indicator light. We suggest Red for the 4th player to be the most visable for a 3 mode indicator as for toher colors will be less visible.

If you want to customize your ring of light with 4 different colors, we can do it! To make the ring 4 different colors, one color for each player, then select the "Custom" option for Ring of Light color. Then in the text field below that selection, put the colors you would like starting with player 1. Example: 1Blue, 2Yellow, 3Pink, 4Red. Then your controller will have those lights for the ring.
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